Mingoville Endorsed By The Ministry Of Education In Denmark

In 2004-2005 UNI*C (Denmark’s IT Center for Education and Research, which belongs to the Ministry of Education) initiates a tender for development of innovative teaching materials.

This was a part of the Ministry of Education’s focus on “IT in Elementary Schools” in Denmark. Several companies including DELC (Danish e-Learning Center, a sister company of Mingoville) handed in their proposals and ideas. After deliberate considerations DELC won the project and was nominated to be the provider of online English education for elementary schools in Denmark. In over a year, DELC’s employees together with school teachers developed an English learning program called Mingoville.

1. Mingoville meets the requirements of the curriculum for English learning in elementary schools
2. Mingoville contains the best pedagogy of ‘learning by doing’ for children.

After being endorsed by the Ministry, the program becomes a part of the curriculum in most of the primary schools of Denmark. 75% of all 3rd, 4th graders in Denmark are now enjoying interactive English classes with Mingoville.

More info about Mingoville can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education of Denmarkhere

Stephan Stephensen