Approval Of The Ministry Of Education Of Denmark

As studies show, about 78 percent of the Danish population speaks good English.

Mingoville makes one more step towards making Denmark one of the top European countries where people speak fluent English.

We are proud to announce that Mingoville, as an English learning program for kids, has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Denmark.

Now, more than 30,000 Danish kids are using Mingoville as a part of their curriculum in primary schools.

As reported by teachers, many 3rd and 4th graders are now enjoying the interactive English classes working with the web-based Mingoville application.

5 thoughts on “Approval Of The Ministry Of Education Of Denmark

  1. Hello all,

    @ salma – we are glad you like to speak English. In addition to practicing to speak we encourage you to learn English grammar. It is equally important.

    @ lean yeap – don’t be upset. Everyone starts at some point. This is your start! Sign up for the program and begin learning the language. Don’t forget to use other means such as books, TV, radio and classroom exercises. Speak English with your friends as much as possible too.

    @ othmane – it depends on each individual. Some may learn the language pretty quickly using the books, while others may progress watching TV, listening to radio and etc. But first you need to learn some fundamental grammar so that you make as fewer mistakes as possible in writing and speaking. One of the best techniques can also be reading stories and retelling them to your classmates or to your friends and family. This way you will learn new words, practice speaking them and see real grammatical examples. All methods must be used in order to speed up the process. Good luck!

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