Mingoville Partners With e-Learning for Kids

Hello all,

We are very proud to announce our partnership with a global non-profit organization e-Learning for Kids in providing free English courses for children.

We want to contribute to reach the second goal from United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which is to achieve universal primary education by developing and providing high quality online English learning for kids. In order to reach those kids who cannot afford education, we need to work with foundations like e-Learning for Kids.

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Stephan Stephensen

English Dictionary for kids

Hello all,

When you are using Mingoville, make sure to use your personalized, interactive dictionary. You can get to the dictionary from the main portal or when you are inside a mission activity.

When you click on a certain image (e.g. car) the dictionary icon will appear in the speech baloon. This is just another way to access the English dictionary.

We want to make sure that you take the best use of Mingoville and particularly the interactive dictionary.We have also uploaded a video that thoroughly describes how you can use the dictionary to your advantage.


Mingoville Is An Official Adobe Site Of The Day (June 9, 2008)

We are so happy to announce that Adobe (www.adobe.com) has selected Mingoville to be an official site of the Day.

Hundreds of applications using Adobe (also formerly known as Macromedia) technologies participate in the contest to showcase their products out to the world.

Mingoville-Adobe Site of the Day

On June 6, 2008 we were informed that Mingoville would be featured in the showcase section of the Adobe website Monday, June 9, 2008.

Adobe recognizes websites/applications based on their use of strong visual designs, superior functionalities, and innovative uses of Adobe product. Adobe appreciated and gave credit to the creative and engineering talent behind the scenes of the creation of Mingoville.com – Fun English for kids.

Stephan Stephensen

Mingoville and FPT School Contest

Mingoville contestFPT, the sponsor of Mingoville from Vietnam has during the last three months carried out a Mingoville competition for their employees’ kids. The competition was arranged by FPT School, a subdivision of FPT. The purpose was to encourage online English learning for kids in a fun way as well as creating an exciting event for those employees who have young kids

The sign-up period was opened from 15th February and was closed one month later. More than 250 kids signed up from www.mingoville.com and began to learn English daily through Mingoville. The youngest kid was only 6 years old from 1st grade and the oldest kid was from 8th grade. The competition ended by 20th May and 12 kids were chosen to get different prizes. The evaluation of their performance was based on different criteria such as highest scores, amount of finished activities, best song records etc.

On Saturday May 31st FPT school arranged a festival for those kids and handed out the prizes. The prizes were:

  • Amazingly, the TOP prize was going to a boy from 2nd grade, Trần Quang Anh. The prize was a summer course in Singapore with a value of 29,5 mio VND!
  • First prize: an English course at Apolo with a value of 4,4 mio VND
  • Second prize: 3,5 mio VND
  • Third prize: 2,2 mio VND
  • “Support prize”: 8 kids got a so-called “support-prize” which included 2 prizes of 500,000 VND each

The feedback from the parents on online English learning through Mingoville was very positive, especially concerning the convenience of the program as well as the comprehensive learning materials. Kids were not only acquired language skills but also social skills through their interaction with the program. English learning becomes fun through games-like activities and Mingoville quickly becomes a friend to their kid! Consequently, parents are confident with the course as well as appreciating the fact that Mingoville is 100% free of charge. They won’t have to worry about the high fee when it comes to English learning for their young kids any longer- thanks to FPT, Mingoville’s sponsor in Vietnam!

Mingoville-FPT contest winner

Mingoville-FPT contest winners