Mingoville Is On A Half A Million ClassMate PCs Called Magalhães

We are proud to finally announce the exciting news that our Mingoville English learning program for children is on a half a million Classmate PCs in Portugal.

The Portugese Government conceived an ambtious and realistic plan to provide all school’s children with an affordable (or in some cases completely free of charge) laptop.

Maggellan laptop

The first supplies of laptops were shipped out to schools in November, 2008 and will still be distributed until Spring 2009. We must recognize the great initiative of the Portugese Government (Ministry of Education) who’s endorsed the digital addition into the current teaching system, which is popularized and overwhelmed by the print materials (books, textbooks etc.)

Along with other useful and learning applications, Mingoville has made its own ‘seat’ on a Maggellan laptop.

Mingoville on Maggellan Classmate PC

Now, any child who pressed the Start button on the laptop can now easily create an account on Mingoville and learn English the fun way on the fly. All instructions on how and where to create an account are provided in Portugese after pressing the Mingoville icon in the ‘Programs’ (or on the desktop).

Additionally, 10 laptops were ordered to be sent to Kosovo and 1000 pieces to Botswana.

This is me standing with the Maggellan laptop (just tried out the laptop and of course Mingoville. Works well!).

Stephan Stephensen

17 thoughts on “Mingoville Is On A Half A Million ClassMate PCs Called Magalhães

  1. It is really useful and fantastic. I’m English teacher and I could use for my students interested to learn English with Mingoville, in an useful and pleasant way. Congratulations !
    We applied for a Comenius CLIL project and students are very interested in speaking English not only at the school but also in their every day life.

  2. Hey,
    My daughter is already enjoying Mingoville. She has improved in her reading and listening skills. It is fantastic that great software developers like you are willing to share for free technology applied to English learning. It is great, congratulations and thank you

  3. hello,

    i think it is a very usefull softwaer and realy want one to my little sister how can i make an order for Maggellan laptop.

    thank you

  4. It’s a great laptop for learning English for the children.
    How can I get the laptop for my son. His age is three and half years old. He like watching the cartons and he always want to know about his hero said on TV. Sometimes he said it again what his super hero said. So He want to get understand what the cartons said on TV.

    The laptop can be a good stuff for him to learn english. I want my child can speak english early.
    Anybody can help me to advice where or how I get the kind of laptop. I’m interested to get it for teaching my son in English. Your assist will be appreciate.

    I look forward to hearing the information soon

    Thanks and best regards

    Al yan

  5. Hi Alyan,

    Our English online program for kids are free. You don’t need a special laptop to use our program. Sign up here http://www.mingoville.com and you can start teaching your son English.

    I don’t know which country you come from, but if you are interested in buying the laptop, it is called ClassMate PC. Follow this link to se where to buy it http://www.classmatepc.com/where-to-buy

    The warmest regards,
    June from the Mingoville Team

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  7. Congratulação Ivo, nós esperamos que você se divirta com o seu Magalhães. :)

  8. It is my great pleasure to visit your site and to enjoy your great posts here. I like that very much. I know that you paid much attention for these articles, as all of them make sense and are very useful

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  10. Hi,I’m come from Malaysia,my English is very bad.I don’t no where can buy thiset good in English thing.How much is it?

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