Mingoville is Launching a Virtual World with Focus on English Learning for Children

Hello World,

Recently, we have received so many great comments about our Mingoville program. Thank you. You have no idea how exciting it is to hear your positive feedback. We are so happy you love using Mingoville to learn English.

We wanted to take this opportunity and share with you the exciting news we’ve kept a secret for the last couple of months. In the form of a virtual world, Mingoville is introducing a new English learning product for our young English learners – Mingoville Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Internally, we call it MMOngoville.

MMOngoville (Universe)

There are three goals we want to achieve with MMongoville. Those are:

Massively Multiplayer Online Game - Mingoville Universe

  1. It has to be based on English Learning (as ESL) – Even though Mingoville is fun and entertaining, we still want to focus a great deal on education. Inside the Universe, there will be captivating games the main purpose of which is to educate through entertainment i.e. edutainment.
  2. It has to be built around Community – We will be highly rewarding collaboration and successful communication.
  3. We want to make MMongoville Addictive – As opposed to pure entertainment games out there our goal is to make the Universe where kids do not realize that they actually learn a new language by playing addictive, yet educational, games. We believe that it will be even more encouraging to parents and teachers.

The Mingoville Universe offers, but not limited to, the following maps:

Shop, Disco, School (Scool), Beach, Sport, Hospital, Pier, Deserted Island, Lady Butter, Nature, Station, Café, Airport and Goose Will.

Here are a couple of earlier drawings of Mingoville avatar. Of course they look much livelier now 😉

Mingoville Avatars

Children will love Mingoville avatars

We are going to post new drawings and other exciting things as the MMO gets ready for the launch in May.

We are so excited about it!

Stephan Stephensen

Mingoville team

9 thoughts on “Mingoville is Launching a Virtual World with Focus on English Learning for Children

  1. I like this site very much. I hope that it is useful for a lot of people, not only for child

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  3. Hi Ann,

    We have not launced the MMO yet. At the moment, we are testing it. In beginning of June, you will be able to log in. See you soon.

    Kindest regards,
    Mingoville Team

  4. My Son is in Upper KG, Please suggest him the pronunciation and short stories and verbal language

  5. Update: @ Ann, in the second half of June users from all over the world will be able log in to the Mingoville Virtual World. Stay tuned!

    Vladimir Chen
    Mingoville Team

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  7. Hello

    I have a little question since I started playing Mingoville

    How can I get online (MMOG) with other players?

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