Mingoville Launches A Virtual World For The Scandinavian Kids To Learn English

Our virtual world is finally LIVE in Denmark as the first market. After days and even nights of testing, testing and testing, we have launched our Mingoville World to the Danish kids. Now they can learn English while they play fun games, meet new friends and talk to their classmates.

Concert in the Virtual World
It was a great moment when we launched, with lots of cheering as we welcomed our first kid in the Mingoville World, but also a moment with some anxiety. Would the kids find our educational games entertaining and would they use our Safe English Chat? Similarly, would they understand how to use the coins and feathers they earn by completing the learning exercises in the Mingoville School? Well, we had nothing to fear. The kids have lots of fun playing the games while also chatting in English.

Picture this; 8 year old Peter is sitting very concentrated in front of the computer singing the same song over and over again, practicing his English pronunciation which has to be perfect. He is recording the song for the concert he is giving in the Mingoville World tonight. A concert, he has invited all his online friends to go to. On the other side of the world, 9 year old Alexandra is logging in to the Mingoville World. She is looking forward to going to the concert with her Danish friend Peter.
Menu in MMO

Actually, the more you practice your English and the more English exercises you complete in the Mingoville School, the more feathers and coins you get in the Mingoville World to play with. To give a concert requires that you record an English song which in return gives lots of feathers and coins to dress up your flamingo or buy a drink in the Café.

Register your kid in the Mingoville World (Only Danes for the time being)

We have tested the Safe English Chat feature. NO offensive words can be used, trust us.

Mingoville World is in beta as we continue to develop it by adding new exciting games and features thus assuring that the kids never get bored when learning English. We welcome you to explore the new virtual world together with your kids when it comes out in June.

Please feel free to comment or share your ideas and experiences with Mingoville. We are always open to your suggestions.

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June Rosendahl
Mingoville Team