French Kids Have Fallen Under The Spell of Mingoville! Magical!

We want to admit that one of the most important things at Mingoville is knowing that somebody is actually  using and benefiting from what you develop. We are so thrilled and excited to share on our blog what our users from France are saying about Mingoville.

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“Marie-Catherine Capel, School tutor at the multimedia center of Boulingrins, 95490 Vauréal, France

As part of an initiative from the Collège of Vauréal (French middle school or junior high school) to support teenagers (11-16 years old) having difficulties with their homeworks, I created a multimedia workshop in foreign languages (English and German) from scratch in 2007.

In 2008, I discovered Mingoville. …

I immediately fell in love with Mingoville. Some of my favourite features include:

  • the high quality & the realism of the animations,
  • the fantastic voices and great English pronunciation,
  • the colourful images,
  • the eccentricity of the characters,
  • the variety and progress of the missions,
  • its perfect match with both for the linguistic program of the 6ème and 5ème,
  • and an ESL refresher course for teenagers who dropped out at some point in their education (college or further).

We have been interacting with an adorable and very helpful person, Malene Jensen, whom I would like to acknowledge and thank in her commitment and support with our Mingoville implementation.

I truly believe that this program is quite remarkable with its high quality and well thought details and a very precious tool for teachers and students.

Mingoville : Work or play? It’s both with lots of fun!!!!! Definitively the winning formula!

One of our students in 6ème, Theresia says: “When I go home, I work and play on Mingoville, and since then, my little sister has also fallen under the spell of Mingoville and knows everything by heart! Magical!

Bravo and thank you! Long live to Mingoville and its flamboyant flamingos!!”

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Well, just wanted to share it with you and as always have fun learning English.

Vladimir Chen

14 thoughts on “French Kids Have Fallen Under The Spell of Mingoville! Magical!

  1. Que de bonne chose quand même grâce à ton travail et les jeunes qui y son aussi. Bravo à vous tous.

  2. I’d want to register me for that my daughters will learn this languaje with Mingoville. You said is free, but I can’t register me, I must pay. Can you help me? It is really free?

  3. Hi Liliana,

    In Chile right now, Mingoville is not free. However, it will be free during August thanks to our sponsor País Digital. In August, it will be free 😉

    Kindest regards,
    Mingoville Team

  4. eu não percebo nada de inglês por isso vocês aprendem a falar lingua inglêsa.


  5. Sabemos que parece difícil no começo. Mas tentar os jogos e quanto mais você joga, mais você entende. Meu Português não é tão boa, mas eu tento e mais prática, a melhor eu fico. Você também pode usar a imagem dicionário onde se pode ver a palavra Português e palavra Inglês. Have fun :)

  6. O mingoville é mesmo muito gira, eu adorei visitar esse site é muito devertido.E eu ja sabia algumas coisas em ingles.xao leizy

  7. Eu adoro falar ingles é a coisa que eu mais percebo ,mais não sou tão boa a falar portugues o meu portugues não é muito paresido com o vosso portugues.xao leizy

  8. Hello.I sou americana ,nasce em Estados Unidos da America eu não sei falar muito bem purtugues por isso ando a aprender a escrever e a falar com os meus amigos.Algumas pessoas quando eu falo com os meus amigos em portugues riem de mim porque eu erro e queria disser que eles não são melhores do que as outras pessoas nas linguagens.bye lily

  9. no entiendo como se o
    usa por favor q alguien me
    ayude y no entiendo los otros
    comentariaos parece que
    son de otros paises pero si alguien
    es chileno q me ayude comentendo
    con las intrucciones por favor
    aunque lo dudo si alguien seria ten
    amable (pero que sea chileno)
    que me ayude o que no sea chileno pero
    sepa el idioma español
    algun a cademico , escolar pero q me ayuden!!!

  10. Hola Savka, como te puedo ayudar? No soy chilena pero sé español y estoy trabajando en Mingoville.

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