Winners of The Mingoville SuperLearner Championship Announced

Find Out Who Won the Mingoville SuperLearner Championship

After a fierce 2-week battle for the best positions in the Mingoville SuperLearner Championship we are happy to announce the results. We must admit that all of you have been extremely good! We just hope that you’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot of English words.

Here are the 50 lucky winners for the SuperLearner Championship:

1 Player Boat Race

Score Username
5247 superGuy
5221 thomas1705
5205 odingo
5189 unilogin_thom585f
5188 unilogin_andr914c
5173 Holebyskole4960
5165 super_hero
5128 fladingo
5119 unilogin_emil844f
5100 kasp7551
2 Player Boat Race

Score Username
3919 kasp7551
3793 unilogin_mads6702
3764 unilogin_andr914c
3756 rasm812a
3742 unilogin_pete5959
3732 unilogin_mark2495
3727 fladingo
3722 superGuy
3710 unilogin_artx0003
3701 chri010u
4 Player Boat Race

Score Username
3707 unilogin_math020p
3692 unilogin_mads6702
3653 Thijmenv
3621 Rickk
3572 Holebyskole4960
3512 unilogin_emil4980
3510 hansp04
3492 Emilie9
3482 Joachim2
3481 unilogin_dean0087
LetterGame Airport

Score Username
14181 Maksym
14062 Larysa
13998 Balazs
13935 Gabriela99
13327 mici
13275 niranga1230
13271 Fatma6
12614 ilenyX
12584 edunet
12583 CATALINA26
ConcertGame Cafe

Score Username
18266 unilogin_ande596e
16946 unilogin_kevi1655
16872 unilogin_emil4979
16606 mikkel19
16141 unilogin_tobi1981
15415 unilogin_kris8274
15383 unilogin_jose5100
14883 unilogin_abdu0925
14822 unilogin_mads6702
14755 unilogin_hann4055
LetterGame School

Score Username
12738 Balazs
12636 ilenyX
12620 Szonja
10773 piotrek
9864 cool
9282 hermosa
8732 lore29
8643 dodo RM
8482 lolo
7901 jonatas
WordSearch Game School

Score Username
3655 Moll
3356 superGuy
3088 Magdal
2886 cool
2861 niranga1230
2600 flamongo
2582 Roy95
2542 Amber12
2521 Balazs
2479 dodo RM


You are now a SuperLearner and can buy clothes for your flamingo for the coins
you have earned being a good English student.
Have fun and enjoy your SuperLearner status. We are so proud of you.

The Mingoville Team

Win the SuperLearner Championship of Mingoville Virtual World!

Championship trophyWe invite all flamingos to participate in the wild race to the top of all score lists in Mingoville’s new virtual world for kids.

To celebrate the opening of our new virtual world, we give out 50 SuperLearnerships to the best English performing kids. This means that the kids that are on the top 10 ‘World’, ‘All Time’ score list in any of the games in Mingoville by July 12th, 2009 12:00 a.m. CET time win a 3-month SuperLearnership.

Who’s a SuperLearner? That’s a kid dedicated to becoming an English savvy flamingo while having a lot of fun. As a SuperLearner you can build the coolest flamingo in Mingoville, buy clothes and other things made available for the SuperLearner flamingos as they are keen on learning English. SuperLearners also get to try out all new areas before we introduce them to everybody else. Win a SuperLearnership and get exclusive access to the red carpet every time.

BillboardThe rules of the Mingoville SuperLearner Championship are simple:

By playing one of the educational games in Mingoville, the kids will get points for their performance. To get on the top 10 ‘World’ ‘All time’ high score list you will have to have one of the 10 highest scores of the game. It means that you need to beat everyone else in the world to become a SuperLearner.

InSpeed Boat challenge the Boat Race, in order to be amongst the top 10 you need to race all the laps and collect relevant English words by recognizing the images.

The Letter Game is all about spelling as many words as possible. The more difficult the word is the higher score you will get if spelled correctly.

The Concert Game is different from the other games because it requires the kids to record one of the 10 songs found in Mingoville School. After recording a song the kid selects the final version and plays it in front of his or her friends. To get on the top 10 ‘World’ ‘All time’ list, the kid has to make a lot of funky moves while the songs plays. During performance the kid may or may not receive a lot of applause from the audience depending how well he or she performs. The best moves and the ‘loudest’ applause will surely get the artist on top of the list.


The lucky winners will be announced July 13th – break a leg and have fun :)

June Rosendahl

Mingoville Team

Mingoville Uses Virtual World to Teach Kids English

Hello Mingovillers,

We have written a lot about the launch of Mingoville Virtual World over the past months, and about all the games where kids can immerse themselves into the English language by playing lots of fun, educational games. Now, Mingoville World is LIVE for everybody. Sign up and try for yourself.

flamingos learn English

Now out of beta, Mingoville Virtual World offers every child, teen, ESL student a chance to improve their English in a fun and engaging way all for free. Learning English doesn’t only take place inside the classroom any longer. It takes place everywhere on the Internet, and especially in social media.

Kids share, develop, and create their lives and relationships in social media. At Mingoville, we go a step further with our new virtual world based on Massively Multiplayer Online Games, turning social networking and gaming for kids into social learning for kids. As you may know, the number of children in virtual worlds will grow tremendously over the next years.

Creating a virtual world that combines teaching English for kids with games and socialization is the best way to obtain an immersive yet effective learning environment on a platform that is so familiar to the kids already. Adding a virtual world to our interactive English program also gives us the opportunity to provide better ESL education for everybody, regardless of their limited access to education and learning resources in their home country. Although it requires a broadband connection and a PC, everything is stored online so the children can login from anywhere 24/7. This is social learning when it’s best.

We release new features every day and develop new games and activities constantly to keep the kids interested. The more they play and learn English, the bigger the reward of coins and feathers to play with. It offers them an incentive to learn.

Over the next weeks, we will go more into depth with the different games and their educational elements in order to give you parents, teachers and interested people an idea of how we see education for the 21st century. Sign up freely to RSS feed to be notified.

Stephan Stephensen