Win the SuperLearner Championship of Mingoville Virtual World!

Championship trophyWe invite all flamingos to participate in the wild race to the top of all score lists in Mingoville’s new virtual world for kids.

To celebrate the opening of our new virtual world, we give out 50 SuperLearnerships to the best English performing kids. This means that the kids that are on the top 10 ‘World’, ‘All Time’ score list in any of the games in Mingoville by July 12th, 2009 12:00 a.m. CET time win a 3-month SuperLearnership.

Who’s a SuperLearner? That’s a kid dedicated to becoming an English savvy flamingo while having a lot of fun. As a SuperLearner you can build the coolest flamingo in Mingoville, buy clothes and other things made available for the SuperLearner flamingos as they are keen on learning English. SuperLearners also get to try out all new areas before we introduce them to everybody else. Win a SuperLearnership and get exclusive access to the red carpet every time.

BillboardThe rules of the Mingoville SuperLearner Championship are simple:

By playing one of the educational games in Mingoville, the kids will get points for their performance. To get on the top 10 ‘World’ ‘All time’ high score list you will have to have one of the 10 highest scores of the game. It means that you need to beat everyone else in the world to become a SuperLearner.

InSpeed Boat challenge the Boat Race, in order to be amongst the top 10 you need to race all the laps and collect relevant English words by recognizing the images.

The Letter Game is all about spelling as many words as possible. The more difficult the word is the higher score you will get if spelled correctly.

The Concert Game is different from the other games because it requires the kids to record one of the 10 songs found in Mingoville School. After recording a song the kid selects the final version and plays it in front of his or her friends. To get on the top 10 ‘World’ ‘All time’ list, the kid has to make a lot of funky moves while the songs plays. During performance the kid may or may not receive a lot of applause from the audience depending how well he or she performs. The best moves and the ‘loudest’ applause will surely get the artist on top of the list.


The lucky winners will be announced July 13th – break a leg and have fun :)

June Rosendahl

Mingoville Team

20 thoughts on “Win the SuperLearner Championship of Mingoville Virtual World!

  1. Dear Ana

    Which country do you come from?

    Mingoville Team

  2. i want to learn english with you but i dont know how can you tell me please

  3. Since I can intruducir in way mmog to know more persons and friends? .Quien it(he,she) can explain to me since(as,like) it is done, because I go two days trying, but not it and could hacique the one who is so nice of explaining

  4. Para todos los chilenos, por favor ten paciencia con nosotros. El mundo virtual todavía no se pueden entrar desde Chile, pero trabajamos para que puedan meterse en el futuro. Va a pasar automático – así que no tienen que registrarse otra vez. Un día que entras Mingoville, tienes aceso al mundo virtual. Les aviso cuando pasará.

  5. Dear حكيمة : just register on the main page, log in with your username and password and start learning English.

  6. Dear Shruti – if you become SuperLearner you can buy clothes to your flamingo for the coins and feathers you earn in Mingoville Virtual World.

    • Isaa, ya no va a tardar introducir el mundo virtual pero todavía no puedo decirte cuando. Esperamos que pasará dentro este año. Gracias por tener paciencia con nosotros. Saludos – Mingoville team

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