Nature’s calling – Go Fishing and Do Some English Spelling

It’s so beautiful on the country side and it’s so healthy for the kids to get a lot of fresh air. It’s time to get out of the city and into the Nature. This week, we release two new activities in Mingoville Virtual World. The first activity is a new Nature map where the kids learn English while playing with Esmeralda and exploring the Nature. The other English activity is a new educational game that takes the kids fishing for English words. It’s all about fun English learning.

Explore Nature and Learn the English Words
On Mingoville’s new map Nature, the kids can now enjoy the fresh air out in the nature together with Esmeralda. Go practice English words about natureEsmeralda is Bob and Candy’s aunt in Mingoville. Esmeralda will take the kids on a tour around Nature. The activity is developed to let the kids practice the vocabulary learned in Mission 4 in Mingoville School; Nature and Season.

Esmeralda will ask the students to go and find different words that relate to Nature and Seasons – that could be fire camp, flowers, clouds, skies, trees, etc. If the students are good, they will get a reward for their effort. It’s kind of a treasure hunt as they have to find their reward in the end by guessing the hint from Esmeralda.

The English exercise is based on both listening to the word as well as recognizing the words in order to be able to find them. We recommend that the students work with the English exercises of Mission 4 in Mingoville School prior to exploring Nature in Mingoville Virtual World.

Go Fishing and Do Some Spelling

In Nature, the kids can also learn English going on a fishing trip. When fishing on the Mingo Lake, the students have to catch the fish in the water with their fishing rod. For every fish they catch, they earn points. However, some fish have a letter in the Go fishing and practice English spellingstomach. If the kids can spell the word illustrated in the upper left corner by catching the fish with the right letter, they get bonus points. If they catch other things like boots, they lose points.

The game is on time and the student has to reach the target – it means, they have to reach the goal set within the time frame which is typically between 60-120 seconds.

The Fishing game has several levels. In the first level, the kid can get around with “just” catching fish to reach the target. However in level two or level three, they cannot reach the target without catching in the bonus – they need to spell the word to go to the next level. The higher the level, the tougher it gets.

All words to be spelled are from Mission 4 in Mingoville School; Nature and Seasons. If the kids cannot spell the words, we recommend they complete activity 1-8 in Mission 4.

We hope you have a lot of fun – if there is something you don’t understand or have suggestion on things we need to do, feel free to comment

Mingoville Sudoku on Android…Thank you Adobe Air

This is really exiting for Us. We are always looking for new platforms to reach our audience. With more and more smartphones coming out, our focus has for a long time been on the Android OS.

As we are participating in the Adobe Air for Android pre-release program, we have been able to access the AIR SDK and the Android Emulator.

We now have the first Mingoville game running on the HTC Hero with Android 2.1. The game has been developed in Flash.

To see the live demonstration please see this YouTube video:

As always we encourage you to create a Mingoville account for your kids so the can start to learn English for free now.

The Battle begins in Classroom – New English Word Battle for the Interactive Whiteboard

We are very busy at the moment. Besides working on a new map and a new educational game for Mingoville Virtual World – which will be launched mid April – we have developed this exciting English game for the Smartboard – your students will love it!

It’s an English Word Battle where 2-4 students battle directly on the interactive whiteboard. Mingoville Word Race on the White board

Access the game here

The Game
It goes like this: The students choose a color and the battle can begin. In the box an English word appears and the students have to touch the picture it belongs to.

When the kids answer correctly, the rocket will move.  If one of the players give a wrong answer five times, the rocket crashes into the water and he or she is out of the game. The one to reach the line of the air balloon first is the winner.

All words in the games are the words taught in Mingoville.  This Word Battle is meant to be used as a supplement to Mingoville. It’s a fun and engaging English exercise to do in class on the smart board. It’s fun for those playing and fun for those watching and cheering. The students will train their English vocabulary and reading skills.

The game is developed for students with a basic knowledge of English as it’s based on word recognition. It’s not suitable for beginners as they have to know the words.

Access the game here – it’s free