Mingoville Sudoku on Android…Thank you Adobe Air

This is really exiting for Us. We are always looking for new platforms to reach our audience. With more and more smartphones coming out, our focus has for a long time been on the Android OS.

As we are participating in the Adobe Air for Android pre-release program, we have been able to access the AIR SDK and the Android Emulator.

We now have the first Mingoville game running on the HTC Hero with Android 2.1. The game has been developed in Flash.

To see the live demonstration please see this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/user/MingovilleUniverse

As always we encourage you to create a Mingoville account for your kids so the can start to learn English for free now.


5 thoughts on “Mingoville Sudoku on Android…Thank you Adobe Air

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  3. Are there any Mingoville accounts for kids to learn English for free? (In Thailand)
    I think your Mingoville is so cool and valuable for a lot of student.
    I’ve tried but I couldn’t sign up for free.
    Thank you for your kind to make a great website. I love it.

  4. Does anybody know which kind of video recordsdata are supported? I remember the Intuition only could dl 3gp utilizing opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, perhaps that’s the problem? How can I watch videos from websites other than youtube? Which file sorts? Often I am given the choice of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get either to work. Thank you to your time! Damn I want I was eligible for the improve to EVO!

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