Mingoville mobile educational games for Android

Dear Mingoville fans. We are exiting to release many new Mingoville learning games to the Android platform. The newest games are developed on the Adobe Air platform. Let me tell you it has really been exiting to see how well the newest Air release are working on multiple platforms and multiple screen sizes. I think we will see many new exiting games in the near future using Flash to Air. Please try one of our first educational games ready in the Android Market. The games is called “Words United” and it is a sentence construction exercise. This game has more than 800 audio files. You need to drag the words and make sentences. Use you Mingoville login to unlock more missions. Good luck

Find the game here: Words United


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  1. I can’t open the site, I’ve already sign up, but if I want to login I see a blue screen and in my information blog : Mingoville – Choos zone, but that’s all. Can someone help me?

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