Mingoville Preschool

Due to large demand we have for some time been working on a solution for kids learning English even younger than primary education. We are happy to share with you some of the initial offerings this solution will have.

Mingoville Pre-School is suitable for students, age 4-6 years old. The content of the English program has been carefully designed and developed together with educators and English teachers. The interactive activities in the program encourage children to learn vocabulary under the “Play-and-Learn” mode.


The program includes 7 thematic Missions training different vocabulary.

  • Focus on vocabulary and word recognition
  • Kids train pronunciation by listening to words and record their own words.
  • Future pronunciation is also enforced when they listen to the several thousand audio files, spoken by British and US voice actors.
  • Many different game plays that teach kids about; Family, colors, letters, food, animals, body parts, furniture and more.
  • Lovable animated baby flamingo helps kids along as they play the games.
  • Animated rewards! Kids get a reward after every other game they complete.
  • Designed for preschoolers
  • Easy navigation and few menus.
  • Unlimited play! Each game flows right into the next.

Mingoville Preschool will be available in September 2011 on the following platforms: Windows, IOS and Android