Mingoville Fun Clock – Learn to tell time

It has newer been more fun for kids to learn to tell time. Some months ago I spoke with a teacher. She told me how disappointed she was. Almost all her students in 3rd grade did not know how to tell time on an analogue clock.

I went home and spoke with our developers. And today we are happy to release a fun and engaging App that can tell children to tell time.

The first edition is in English and Chinese, but more languages are coming. We hope that the English version can be used in ELT, ESL training as well as it contains a movie and some interactive exercises that makes it fun for kids to play with. Listening to the more than thousand audio files recorded by English speaking voice actors also helps their future pronunciation skills. Download the app from App Store. Link kan be found on Fun Clock website

• Animation characters talking about the clock – How does the big hand work and how does the small hand work?

• Animation movie showing the relationship between the analogue clock and the digital clock

• Four levels to unlock – Hours, half hours, quarters and minutes

• Certificate – kid earn certificate if all levels are completed. For the kid that can be mailed or shared to others

• Real voice actors with more than a 1000 audio files

• Great graphic

• Many hours fun and educational time

• Mute function for background sounds


• Build your own clock

• Talking clock

• Move the hands to tell time

• Choose the right clock to make the bus depart

• Tilt the ipad or iphone to move the numbers to the right position on the clock

Hope your kids will enjoy our Fun Clock app :-)

See [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi0E4bO1Yck[/youtube]

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