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10,000 free English software packages to #ChangeBrazil

Copenhagen – The Danish educational company Savivo donates 10,000 free English online education packages to support the #ChangeBrazil movement.

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Hundreds young people filled the streets of São Paulo to support the Change Brazil movement. Sparked by high cost of transportation, the protest addressed issues such as corruption, high spending on the World Cup and the Olympics and poor education.

Stephan Stephensen, CEO and founder of the Danish educational company Savivo, believes in free and high quality education for all children. Literacy in English is crucial to enable one to live their passions in the spirit of Rio 2016’s Olympics motto Viva Sua Paixão. That is why Savivo is starting a campaign that will offer 10,000 free entries to the online English course Mingoville.

Stephan Stephensen adds: “We know that these numbers are drops in the ocean, but if everyone helps, we can #ChangeBrazil. No child should be without education and I hope that local sponsors will be willing to help us bring education to the Brazilian children.”

Similar campaign has already been successful in other Latin American countries.
In 2009, Mingoville was selected by the Chilean President and the Ministry of Education to team up in their fight against English illiteracy in Chile. The software was made free for all in Chile, to promote equal opportunities. The program enjoyed huge success and it had extensive local media coverage (CNN Chile, Chanel 13 Chile, El Mercurio, LUN, ensuring public awareness. More than 350,000 Chileans signed up and have joined Mingoville’s over 2 million users.

“In Denmark, we often take free education for granted. But not all have that privilege, and our philosophy at Savivo is that every child should have access to free and high quality education.” Stephan Stephensen hopes that other companies will join his initiative. He believes that the more socially responsible companies invest in the youth education, the bigger is the chance to make a difference and #Change Brazil.

“This is a call to action. Let people know they can get free English education for their children,” implores Stephan. “I hope other companies will see this and help change Brazil.”