The 21th century classroom on a budget


Yesterday we stumbled across Ubi, an American company producing software that can transform “any surface into a multi-touch display”.

Kinect+Projector+Computer=Interactive whiteboard
The technology alone is interesting enough. Using a combination of a regular projector, a Kinect for Windows a Windows 8 PC and Ubi’s software, you can make your own huge scale multi-touch display. The simplicity of the concept is appealing but it is the educational value of the technology that really gets our blood pumping.

The cost of upgrading the classroom to modern standards can be overwhelming and the reason why some schools haven’t adopted the new technologies, despite the advantages. Especially interactive whiteboards have, according to some studies, the ability to boost the educational impact on students. This, of course, requires the teachers to be familiar with the technology before the optimum teaching experience is reached. If the teachers do have the technology readily at hand and have experience using it, both teacher and students can benefit from it.

A more affordable classroom
This could be where Ubi enters the scene. The combination of generally cheap, commonplace components, and Ubi’s software could usher in a more budget friendly version of the 21th century classroom. By saving 30 to 50 percent on hardware, the amount of classrooms getting mordernised grows.

As an educational software developer, Savivo has briefly delved into the territory of interactive whiteboards and consider the technology promising. The way activities and exercises can take on a collaborative aspect is really interesting, and a way to break the mold of rigid education in new ways. The way not only the participants but also an audience get to take action makes the hardware an obvious part of future education.

The future of educational technology is bright!
Ubi’s software and the hardware solution necessary looks to be quite sensible and we applaud any technology that gives teachers and educators new possibilities and tools. We hope to see more inventive and highly usable solutions in the future!
Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 12.12.45 PMOur English Word Battle game, for use on interactive whiteboards.