Introducing Mingoville Storytelling

Here at Savivo we’re happy to talk about our next educational program. We call it Mingoville Storytelling, and it will be released very soon.

Mingoville Storytelling will use stories as the vehicle for learning. In the app, children will hear stories set in the Mingoville universe, retell them and even compose their own stories.

imageRetelling as an educational concept is not a new language-learning concept, but we’ve combined it with beautiful pictures, professional voice acting and the ability to write and record customized stories.

The app contains 10 stories for the children to listen to. After having heard a story, the child is asked to tell the story again, using the pictures as help. This will encourage children to analyze the told story, combine the important story events with the descriptive pictures, and then use those elements to retell the story as accurately as possible. This will train children’s memory, vocabulary and encourage better reading comprehension and writing.

The last component of the app is the option to tell stories. The children can use any of the unlocked pictures, 160 in total, to tell stories of their own devising. When a picture has been picked, the children can write an accompanying story. If they want to, they can also record their own narration.
When they are finished telling a story, and trust us, it won’t be their only one, they can share it with friends and family in different ways. They can send a mail through the app or they can generate a Book Code, a combination of six letters, which gives access to the story. These codes can be shared easily through email, texts, Facebook or just handwritten notes, and we hope to see many interesting stories both made and shared using Mingoville Storytelling.Slider07We’re sure that children trying this app will improve their English by retelling and making their own stories. We can’t wait to see what kind of stories will be made, when Mingoville Storytelling is released. We’ll let you know when it’s ready!

Mingoville Preschool will teach children English in Danish municipality

Tuesday, September 10th, the Danish municipality of Gentofte announced their new initiative for children between three and nine years. The initiative is called PLAY and LEARN and the idea is that children are to be exposed to the English language as early as possible.

Language gives cultural understanding
According to Anne Holmen, professor at the University of Copenhagen, the importance of an early start at language education can’t be understated. One thing is that the global labor market is dominated by English, which makes English skills almost mandatory. Another, and less quantifiable monetary advantage, is the more human skills attained by learning languages. According to Anne Holmen, good language skills give children a larger cultural understanding and a more global perspective. Not to mention, starting to learn English in an early age will give children a better language fluency and pronounciation.

A political goal
The Danish government decided back in June how the Danish education system should look like after August 2014. One of the decisions made, was that English as a language is to be taught from the first grade. Many schools and child care centers have started to implement English education ahead of the school reform. And now Gentofte municipality, as the first in Denmark, has announced that English is to be taught for children between 3 and 9 years old. This will not substitute English education in the later grades, but instead supplement it.

Where we come in
Beginning English learning from an earlier age requires more than just the ambition. It requires both teachers and educators with the necessary skills, but also tools and materials tailor made for this purpose. And this is where Mingoville Preschool come in. It has already been tested in child care centers in Vietnam, is successful in both China and many Latin American countries, which made it the obvious choice for Gentofte.

Our CEO, Stephan Stephensen, is happy for this initiative:
“It’s good to see a Danish municipality like Gentofte, who seriously focuses on the English education of smaller children.”

We’re both happy and proud to be part of this project, and hope that Gentofte isn’t the last Danish municipality who’s going to do something like this.Preschool

Tablet-based education is on the rise in Latin America

Latin America sees growth in educational app sales.

Latin America has seen a rise in tablet sales during the last couple of years. The market research firm International Data Corporation predicts that emerging markets such as Latin America will grow to 51% of the worldwide market by 2017. With that in mind, it can’t come as a surprise that tablet-based education is on the rise in the region.

In countries like Panama, the government is running an ambitious tech campaign “Bring Your Own Device”. In the meantime Intel is considering bringing many new tablets models to the Latin American market. The development can be felt also subtler ways: for example in the online app sales.

English apps are among the most popular. That can be felt from developers across the globe. One of the leading worldwide educational providers is the Danish-based firm Savivo. Currently the company’s Preschool English application is number 1 in the Costa Rican educational iTunes store and can be found on the Top Ten lists in several Latin American countries.

Stephan Stephensen, CEO of Savivo, has recently seen a significant growth in sales of educational apps in Latin America. In his opinion, digital education is affordable and easy to use and it has the potential to bring education to as many children across the world as possible.

“The philosophy of Savivo is that education is for everyone. With the booming market of tablets and educational apps, we might be a step closer to that reality.”

The spread of tablets in the region has given occasion to a rise in downloads of educational apps. If anyone benefit from this development, it’s the children.
The combination of ease of use and comfort makes the discovery and use of suitable apps ideal for education in Latin America.

Download press release as PDF here.

Educación a través de una tableta esta teniendo lugar en América Latina

América Latina ha visto un aumento en la venta de tabletas desde hace un par de años. La investigación de mercado de la firma internacional Data Corporation percibe que los mercados emergentes como América Latina crecerá en un 51% en el mercado internacional en 2017. Teniendo eso en mente, no es sorpresa que una educación a través de tabletas esté creciendo en la región.

En países como Panamá, el gobierno esta llevando acabo una campaña tecnológica ambiciosa “Bring Your Own Device” (Trae tu proprio Terminal). Al mismo tiempo Intel está considerando traer numerosos modelos nuevos de tableta al mercado latinoamericano. Este avance se puede percibir de forma más sutil: en las ventas online de aplicaciones.

Las aplicaciones de inglés son de las más populares y así es percibido por desarrolladores en todo el globo. Uno de los proveedores de educación líder a nivel mundial el la firma danesa Savivo. Hoy día la aplicación de la compañía Preschool English es número 1 en el ranking de iTunes Costa Rica y también se puede encontrar en el top10 de en los iTunes de varios países latinoamericanos.

Stephan Stephensen, CEO de Savivo, ha visto últimamente un crecimiento significativo en las ventas de aplicaciones educativas en América Latina. En su opinión, la educación digital es asequible y fácil de utilizar, y tiene el potencial de llevar la educación a cuantos más niños posibles en todo el mundo.

“La filosofía de Savivo es la educación para todo el mundo. Con el florecer del mercado de las tabletas y aplicaciones educativas, es posible que estemos un paso más cerca de esa realidad.”

La difusión de tabletas en el continente da la ocasión de incrementar la descarga de aplicaciones educativas. Si alguien puede aprovecharse de este desarrollo, so los niños y niñas latinoamericanos. La combinación de uso fácil y confort hace ideal el descubrimiento y el uso de aplicaciones adecuadas.

Descargue el documento pdf aquí