Tablet-based education is on the rise in Latin America

Latin America sees growth in educational app sales.

Latin America has seen a rise in tablet sales during the last couple of years. The market research firm International Data Corporation predicts that emerging markets such as Latin America will grow to 51% of the worldwide market by 2017. With that in mind, it can’t come as a surprise that tablet-based education is on the rise in the region.

In countries like Panama, the government is running an ambitious tech campaign “Bring Your Own Device”. In the meantime Intel is considering bringing many new tablets models to the Latin American market. The development can be felt also subtler ways: for example in the online app sales.

English apps are among the most popular. That can be felt from developers across the globe. One of the leading worldwide educational providers is the Danish-based firm Savivo. Currently the company’s Preschool English application is number 1 in the Costa Rican educational iTunes store and can be found on the Top Ten lists in several Latin American countries.

Stephan Stephensen, CEO of Savivo, has recently seen a significant growth in sales of educational apps in Latin America. In his opinion, digital education is affordable and easy to use and it has the potential to bring education to as many children across the world as possible.

“The philosophy of Savivo is that education is for everyone. With the booming market of tablets and educational apps, we might be a step closer to that reality.”

The spread of tablets in the region has given occasion to a rise in downloads of educational apps. If anyone benefit from this development, it’s the children.
The combination of ease of use and comfort makes the discovery and use of suitable apps ideal for education in Latin America.

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