Mingoville Preschool will teach children English in Danish municipality

Tuesday, September 10th, the Danish municipality of Gentofte announced their new initiative for children between three and nine years. The initiative is called PLAY and LEARN and the idea is that children are to be exposed to the English language as early as possible.

Language gives cultural understanding
According to Anne Holmen, professor at the University of Copenhagen, the importance of an early start at language education can’t be understated. One thing is that the global labor market is dominated by English, which makes English skills almost mandatory. Another, and less quantifiable monetary advantage, is the more human skills attained by learning languages. According to Anne Holmen, good language skills give children a larger cultural understanding and a more global perspective. Not to mention, starting to learn English in an early age will give children a better language fluency and pronounciation.

A political goal
The Danish government decided back in June how the Danish education system should look like after August 2014. One of the decisions made, was that English as a language is to be taught from the first grade. Many schools and child care centers have started to implement English education ahead of the school reform. And now Gentofte municipality, as the first in Denmark, has announced that English is to be taught for children between 3 and 9 years old. This will not substitute English education in the later grades, but instead supplement it.

Where we come in
Beginning English learning from an earlier age requires more than just the ambition. It requires both teachers and educators with the necessary skills, but also tools and materials tailor made for this purpose. And this is where Mingoville Preschool come in. It has already been tested in child care centers in Vietnam, is successful in both China and many Latin American countries, which made it the obvious choice for Gentofte.

Our CEO, Stephan Stephensen, is happy for this initiative:
“It’s good to see a Danish municipality like Gentofte, who seriously focuses on the English education of smaller children.”

We’re both happy and proud to be part of this project, and hope that Gentofte isn’t the last Danish municipality who’s going to do something like this.Preschool