Mingoville Storytelling makes stories educational and fun

Once upon a time, storytelling was the fabric that bound us together. The act of telling and retelling stories has always been part of human history. Telling stories is now making a comeback with Mingoville Storytelling, which combines education, entertainment and creativity.


The latest app from the award-winning edutainment developer Savivo, Mingoville Storytelling is an app build on the principle that retelling stories help develop language in children. Mingoville Storytelling takes this technique and combines it with modern technology in the form of voice recording, colorful pictures and the ability to share stories via email.

The app contains 10 Mingoville stories, 160 images with eye-catching elements and narration by professional voice actors. This combination ensures that children are captivated, challenged and able to improve their reading, writing and listening skills. Children get to analyze stories for important elements and then use these elements to retell the story. And afterwards, they can tell a story of their own, using these 160 pictures in any combination.

CEO of Savivo, Stephan Stephensen, explains the importance of this approach: “Retelling as a educational tool has been used by some educators, especially those teaching English language learners. While it hasn’t enjoyed much time in the limelight, the technique is sound and has had positive feedback from researchers and educators around the world. We can’t wait to see what stories the children will come up with!”

Mingoville Storytelling allows children to create stories and share them, which makes the joy of telling and sharing much more approachable and immediate. Hearing stories, retelling them, creating them and sharing them has never been easier or more entertaining.