About Savivo

About Savivo

High quality, results-oriented English learning on the Web – that’s Savivo’s Mission!

Savivo has grown into one of the largest English learning communities online, where kids learn English by taking advantage of Mingoville’s cutting-edge technologies and easy-to-use interactive Web-based interface that can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection 24 / 7.

Based in Copenhagen and founded in 2007, the mission and vision of Savivo is to bring education to life and in doing so, awaken a love for learning in children. As an award-winning education e-games and apps developer, we have the winning formula to create fun, innovative and savvy games to give children a winning head start in life.

We embrace a unique learning philosophy in our innovation, with learner-centered and self-directed learning pedagogies underpinning our e-learning products. And we believe in fostering strategic partnerships with global institutions and governments to fight illiteracy, break down global and social barriers to empower children all over the world.

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