EnglishClub.com Awards Mingoville As ‘Site of the Month’

Hello Mingovillers,

It is again our pleasure to share with you that EnglishClub.com has selected Mingoville as their ‘Site of the Month’ . EnglishClub is an ESL web site that has been dedicated to providing both students and teachers quality English learning/teaching content.

Every month EnglishClub recommends one site to its users. This month Mingoville has received this award. We are proud and highly appreciate the recognition. To read more about the award go here.

Vladimir Chen (On behalf of Mingoville team)

Mingoville Is An Official Adobe Site Of The Day (June 9, 2008)

We are so happy to announce that Adobe (www.adobe.com) has selected Mingoville to be an official site of the Day.

Hundreds of applications using Adobe (also formerly known as Macromedia) technologies participate in the contest to showcase their products out to the world.

Mingoville-Adobe Site of the Day

On June 6, 2008 we were informed that Mingoville would be featured in the showcase section of the Adobe website Monday, June 9, 2008.

Adobe recognizes websites/applications based on their use of strong visual designs, superior functionalities, and innovative uses of Adobe product. Adobe appreciated and gave credit to the creative and engineering talent behind the scenes of the creation of Mingoville.com – Fun English for kids.

Stephan Stephensen