Mingoville Helps Chile Fight Its English Illiteracy by Providing Free English Education for All Kids

Michelle BacheletChile has partnered up with Mingoville to ensure that all Chilean kids speak English in the future. The national campaign titled “ChileHablaInglés” (Chile speaks English) was launched at a big event July 29th, 2009 in Santiago, Chile with the participation of the Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet. In her speech to the forum of more than 200 influential people from different areas of the Chilean society, the President underpins the necessity of managing English as a second language from an early age and continues that the cooperation with Mingoville in the effort to introduce English to all the Chilean kids makes perfect sense as it is a fun and engaging way for kids to learn English.

Besides the President, The Minister of Education, The Minister of Commerce, senators, the US embassy and Chamber of Commerce, other ambassadors, influential business leaders, all large media, academics, sponsors and of course Mingoville participated in the event to take part in securing a bright future for Chile (see more pictures here).

Chile raises its educational level with Mingoville
The objective of the campaign;”ChileHablaInglés” is to convert Chile into a bilingual country and Mingoville is going to help the Chileans achieve this goal. The campaign is really an interesting case, not only for us but for everybody because it shows that by joining forces across public and private interests, it is possible to substantially raise the educational level of a whole country. We hope that other countries will be inspired by Chile.

According to Claudia Bobadilla, Managing Director of the Fundación País Digital – one of the initiators of the national campaign – only 2 % of the total Chilean population speaks English and the language isn’t part of the curriculum until 5th grade because Chile doesn’t have the teaching capacity to offer English earlier on. Studies indicate that Chileans who speak English have a 30% higher income than those who don’t speak it. All parties involved and supporting the campaign acknowledge that in order to raise the living standards of many Chileans and secure the country’s future competitiveness, it is crucial to make sure all Chileans speak English as a second language.

This is where Mingoville comes into the scene. The intention is to integrate Mingoville into the Chilean English curriculum already from the first grade and as the interactive English program is designed to fulfill the whole curriculum, it requires less teaching capacity as the kids are capable of learning English by going through the program themselves. All they need is some guidance.

Chile on the way to becoming a bilingual

Educating teachers in the use of Mingoville
According to the Ministry of Education, the goal is to have all public schools use Mingoville as primary teaching material for 1-4 graders and as a supplementary program for the older students. In order to integrate Mingoville properly, the Chilean teachers will be trained on how to use the Mingoville’s digital interactive English program in their curriculum. It requires a different approach to teaching which the Fundación País Digital, VTR and the Ministry of Education – the initiators and sponsors of the campaign – have acknowledged. The primary challenge is to convince the teachers that Mingoville is easy to use and the training courses starting August 7th have been set up to meet the challenge.

A massive promotional campaign (CNN Chile, Chanel 13 Chile, El Mercurio, LUN, elvacanudo.cl to mention a few) has been launched to encourage the youngsters as well as their parents and grandparents to register in Mingoville. In the first two weeks, 100.000 Chileans have registered for Mingoville. According to País Digital, the www.chilehablaingles.com site has had more than 300.000 visitors already. The interest is huge and everybody is praising of Mingoville and the high quality of its English program for kids. We are proud – we couldn’t get any better recommendation than from the Chilean President and the Ministry of Education, which tested the whole program and fully approved of it. We hope other governments or governmental organizations will be inspired by this remarkable initiative.

Mingoville and the “ChileHablaInglés” campaign are just some of the initiatives to fight English illiteracy in Chile. More initiatives will be launched over the next years to come.

What is the state of your country? How many speak English as a second language in your country?

June Rosendahl
The Mingoville team

Texto Editores Publishes Mingoville English Books for Kids

A Portuguese publishing house, Texto Editores, has designed and produced 4 English books for children based on the Mingoville’s interactive English program (www.Mingoville.com). Texto Editores is to sell the books to the Portuguese public and the schools, some of which are already using the Mingoville program in their English classes.

Mingoville booksPublishing houses like Texto Editores have started to look after interactive online content providers to supplement their expertise in producing print materials with the interactive content. Now they’ve teamed up with Mingoville.

That is the great news for everyone. Most importantly, it provides a complete integration of off- and on-line teaching material and makes it more fun for the kids to learn English. Both can be used independently from one another making the integration even more dynamic and engaging. Hopefully, other publishers will recognize the trend and we will see English books based on the Mingoville content in other corners of the world as well.

Mingoville English text books for kids

For instance there is a small recycling exercise where kids have to throw the rubbish into the right recycling bin. This is definitely a very good idea especially now when everybody is focusing on the green economies and the climate.

To start with, some 40,000 copies of the four books will be available in Portugal. We really hope the Portugese kids will enjoy the interlink between the Mingoville books and the online program even more now.

Feel free to write us your comments as we are always open to suggestions.

Mingoville Is On A Half A Million ClassMate PCs Called Magalhães

We are proud to finally announce the exciting news that our Mingoville English learning program for children is on a half a million Classmate PCs in Portugal.

The Portugese Government conceived an ambtious and realistic plan to provide all school’s children with an affordable (or in some cases completely free of charge) laptop.

Maggellan laptop

The first supplies of laptops were shipped out to schools in November, 2008 and will still be distributed until Spring 2009. We must recognize the great initiative of the Portugese Government (Ministry of Education) who’s endorsed the digital addition into the current teaching system, which is popularized and overwhelmed by the print materials (books, textbooks etc.)

Along with other useful and learning applications, Mingoville has made its own ‘seat’ on a Maggellan laptop.

Mingoville on Maggellan Classmate PC

Now, any child who pressed the Start button on the laptop can now easily create an account on Mingoville and learn English the fun way on the fly. All instructions on how and where to create an account are provided in Portugese after pressing the Mingoville icon in the ‘Programs’ (or on the desktop). Continue reading

Follow Mingoville On Twitter To Learn More About Us

Twitter is an online micro-blogging social networking service that allows its community members to communicate with each other through the posting of short messages (i.e. within the 140 character limit). The service is free of charge and it has recently gained wide popularity in the social media world.

Mingoville wants to reach out even more to its students and their parents through such a wonderful service as Twitter. Come and follow Mingoville at http://twitter.com/Mingoville and stay up-to-date on the news related to Mingoville’s English learning games, new products and features, partnerships and other exciting things. Just click on the image to check latest Mingoville twits.

Have fun learning English!

Mingoville Partners With U.S. English in Providing Free English Lessons

Hello Mingovillers,

We are so happy to announce our partnership with U.S. English Foundation Inc., one of the largest US educational foundations that promotes the role of English language, helps disseminate information on English teaching methods, sponsors educational programs and so on.

Mingoville is made available to all kids residing in the US via the Foundation.

Mr. Mauro E. Mujica, who has been the Chairman/CEO since 1993, addresses a serious problem with people not being able to speak English in the US. Quoting Mr. Mujica “Mingoville provides English instruction at any time, virtually anywhere, removing some of the most commonly cited barriers to English learning. With Mingoville, the opportunity to learn English is just a click away, and through our special partnership, free. English learners will be able to practice their English skills and take advantage of hundreds of lessons and activities at their pace and on their time, putting English acquisition within reach.”

We hope that we at Mingoville make our contribution to solving problems at this level.

Stephan Stephensen


Mingoville Partners With e-Learning for Kids

Hello all,

We are very proud to announce our partnership with a global non-profit organization e-Learning for Kids in providing free English courses for children.

We want to contribute to reach the second goal from United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which is to achieve universal primary education by developing and providing high quality online English learning for kids. In order to reach those kids who cannot afford education, we need to work with foundations like e-Learning for Kids.

To read the rest of the news go here

Stephan Stephensen

Hello and Welcome to Mingoville Blog!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Mingoville, our English learning program, to all kids worldwide to experience fun and enjoyable English learning atmosphere.


We wanted to make the best use of education and entertainment combined with technology and make English learning fun on the Internet.

Although we are based in Copenhagen, Denmark the Mingoville program contains both British English and American English. Nowadays, it is so common that we are exposed to both. Therefore, we created Mingoville in such a way that teaches kids English for them to easily adapt to both environments.

So, go ahead and experience Mingoville and don’t hesitate to leave your comments.

Stephan Stephensen

CEO of Mingoville