Mingoville Preschool for Android

Android users will now have the opportunity to give their children a head start in English using English for kids by Mingoville.

It is with great pride that Savivo can present the Android version of the popular Mingoville Preschool. Having worked hard on the app, the game not only boasts the educational and entertaining games from the iOS version, but also several improvements under the hood like an in-app login system and general optimization.

In the light of Google’s recent announcement regarding Google Play for Education at their I/O conference, we’re extremely happy with being able to create and distribute educational and fun software on Google Play. We hope that our Mingoville Preschool app will help both parents, teachers and of course children in the first small steps towards mastering the English language.
01Created to give children a head start, the app serves to build a solid foundation and platform for children to learn English, especially as a Second Language. In the app, the children follow the baby flamingo Andrea through seven missions where they begin building up their English vocabulary.

The advantages

Savivo’s philosophy is that children learn best through playing, interacting and repeating. Preschool is designed with this in mind, emphasising educational exercises, positive reinforcement and multisensory game activities.
During the game a tree, symbolising the child’s vocabulary, grows as the child completes tasks and enhance its sentence and word recognition skills. In the end, the child will have been exposed to over 500 words and sentences, and completed over 80 interactive games.Photo 21-02-13 17.00.12Utilizing animation and native voice actors, the game strenghtens the child’s pronounciation and listening skills, all the while making the child familiar with the sound of the English language.

By using pedagogical methods, friendly voice acting and varied yet familiar tasks, the child wil gain a familiarity with the English language and later in life have an easier time mastering the language.

The games

The games in Mingoville Preschool is are created to be easy to understand, have a strong educational element and still entertain the child. The games are quite short, never taxing the patience of the child and each completed exercise awards the child with a sticker to put on the vocabulary tree.Photo 21-02-13 16.53.15One of Preschool’s early games is a simple memory game, where the child has to match the pictures of three animals. The name of the animal is repeated every time a tile is touched, helping the child making the association between the name and the animal. A little later, the child has to do the same memory game, where half the tiles only repeat the name. Here the child has to remember the sound of the animals’ names and match them with the image of the animal. This repeated exposure, combined with a steady stream of encouragement from the characters, ensures that children have an easier time remembering, recognizing and even pronouncing the words.

Game features:

  • The progressive mission concept creates a meaningful task-oriented game experience for children to retain their focus while learning through play.
  • Over 80 short interactive games spread across 7 missions enabling kids to play at their comfort and not overtaxing their attention span.
  • Positive reinforcement will boost a child’s morale and enjoyment in learning, as Andrea the baby flamingo will constantly encourage and reward the player.
  • Multisensory game activities such as a voice recording game, jigsaw puzzles, listen-and-match the words, spelling bee, memory game, and many more.
  • Numerous improvements, including optimization and an enhanced in-app login system.

Try it out

The game is available on Google Play from today and requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) and hardware acceleration. You can download Mingoville Preschool from Google Play by following this link: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.mingoville.preschool

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