Fun Games In The Mingoville Virtual World To Learn English – Part3

Hello all,

As you may already know from our previous posts, Mingoville is going to launch a virtual world
where kids will have an opportunity to learn English in a much more engaging way. Building avatars, earning coins / feathers, safe chat in English, meeting new friends, collaborating, playing and practicing in a much more dynamic and personalized ways is what the new Mingoville virtual world is all about.

How do we learn languages? We do it by immersing ourselves in the right environment. Mingoville is all about fun learning. We understand that traditional learning at schools, homework and other similar activities can sometimes be boring. Therefore, our goal is to create a fun environment on the Internet, where kids can learn new things without actually realizing that they learn.

Here are some images in action:

Kids will be able to select and dress own avatar using their coins and feathers they have earned by completing learning exercises.


Kids Learn English with actionable fun games


Kids will be able to communicate inside the virtual world using the Mingoville safe chat.


And so much more.



Mingoville MMO is going to be BETA launched first in Scandinavia (DK) in May, 2009.

Kids, parents and teachers from other countries will get an access in June, 2009.

Honestly, we can’t wait to open the new Mingoville to you and also get your feedback about the program very soon.

Stay tuned and we will inform you of the launch.

Stephan Stephensen, CEO

New Words To Be Added To Our English Dictionary For Children

Hello Mingovillers,

Just letting you know that 155 new words are being added to the Mingoville dictionary.

We are testing the new additions and they will be out for use next week. Here are some shots of the new words.

– Breakfast –

– Dragon –

– Honey –

Like in our current dictionary, it is still possible to listen to and record your own English pronunciation. However, this time we are adding a new feature, that is, an option to listen to both female and male voices. All you need to do is to select a preferred option at the top of the page to the left above an image (see below).

We hope you enjoy the new words and the new feature in the dictionary. Leave us your comments if you have any feedback or any other suggestions you may have.

Have fun while learning!

Stephan Stephensen, CEO