Why Not Halloween In Flamingos?

Hello Mingovillers,

A couple of weeks ago, we found a blog on the Internet that caught our attention. We got inspired by this story and decided to write a post on our blog.

Here it goes.

The blogger’s name is Debbie. Debbie lives in Japan where she works as English teacher. She is married and has two lovely sons: Issei and Koji.

Debbie has a blog where she shares with her students and friends some interesting and personal things about her life and family.

We found her blog very interesting to pass it around internally. Not only she writes in a interesting style but also because her family has this tradition called “Flamingo Friday”.

As Debbie says, they started the tradition a couple of months ago and every week they pick up pictures of flamingos from their house and Google Images. They simply love flamingos!

Debbie’s sons both speak English well. However, Debbie thinks that her boys, especially the older one, should take advantage of some online programs (like Mingoville) to improve reading, spelling and writing skills. Not to mention that Mingoville is all about flamingos that speak only English.

This is what Debbie wrote on her blog about Mingoville:

“a very good friend of mine (Hi Tomoko!!), who knows that I am all over anything flamingo…told me about a site on the Internet for kids who are learning English. It is called [Mingoville]. Mingoville is a city where flamingos live and speak only English. (I’m liking this already!) There is an interactive dictionary with 32 different languages…and they also have spelling, speaking, listening and reading activities. And the best part…..IT’S FREE!!! She told me about it, not only because of the particular theme this site has, but because it is a pretty good site for Issei to work on his own reading, spelling and writing skills. Though the young man can communicate verbally in English…..he is just like most other kids his age here in Japan when it comes to the other aspects of communication.”

By the way, Halloween is coming soon. Inspired by Debbie’s blog we’ve found some pretty flamingo costumes for almost the whole family. Pick and choose …

In the end, we just want to add that we are happy that by using Mingoville our users can combine ‘traditions’ with fun learning. If you want to read more about Debbie’s Flamingo Fridays go here

Vladimir Chen