Mingoville Uses Virtual World to Teach Kids English

Hello Mingovillers,

We have written a lot about the launch of Mingoville Virtual World over the past months, and about all the games where kids can immerse themselves into the English language by playing lots of fun, educational games. Now, Mingoville World is LIVE for everybody. Sign up and try for yourself.

flamingos learn English

Now out of beta, Mingoville Virtual World offers every child, teen, ESL student a chance to improve their English in a fun and engaging way all for free. Learning English doesn’t only take place inside the classroom any longer. It takes place everywhere on the Internet, and especially in social media.

Kids share, develop, and create their lives and relationships in social media. At Mingoville, we go a step further with our new virtual world based on Massively Multiplayer Online Games, turning social networking and gaming for kids into social learning for kids. As you may know, the number of children in virtual worlds will grow tremendously over the next years.

Creating a virtual world that combines teaching English for kids with games and socialization is the best way to obtain an immersive yet effective learning environment on a platform that is so familiar to the kids already. Adding a virtual world to our interactive English program also gives us the opportunity to provide better ESL education for everybody, regardless of their limited access to education and learning resources in their home country. Although it requires a broadband connection and a PC, everything is stored online so the children can login from anywhere 24/7. This is social learning when it’s best.

We release new features every day and develop new games and activities constantly to keep the kids interested. The more they play and learn English, the bigger the reward of coins and feathers to play with. It offers them an incentive to learn.

Over the next weeks, we will go more into depth with the different games and their educational elements in order to give you parents, teachers and interested people an idea of how we see education for the 21st century. Sign up freely to RSS feed to be notified.

Stephan Stephensen

Mingoville On The News

We’ve just recently launched Mingoville 100% free of charge in more than 190 countries. This is a big step for us.

Mingoville’s Flamingo City (www.Mingoville.com) opens its doors to children, tweens, and teens in over 190 countries, with free English lessons for kids. Students can learn English the fun way as a second language with Mingoville’s completely Web-based application featuring English games for kids. (read the rest of the press release on Yahoo News here).

Vladimir Chen

Hello and Welcome to Mingoville Blog!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Mingoville, our English learning program, to all kids worldwide to experience fun and enjoyable English learning atmosphere.


We wanted to make the best use of education and entertainment combined with technology and make English learning fun on the Internet.

Although we are based in Copenhagen, Denmark the Mingoville program contains both British English and American English. Nowadays, it is so common that we are exposed to both. Therefore, we created Mingoville in such a way that teaches kids English for them to easily adapt to both environments.

So, go ahead and experience Mingoville and don’t hesitate to leave your comments.

Stephan Stephensen

CEO of Mingoville